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We're not a social enterprise, but we are socially conscious

We want to help deliver opportunities that enable the placement of highly skilled and experienced 'benched' personnel in our industry.


When recruitment consultancies and HR Departments focus on sorting candidates for employment positions, the criteria they apply can often dismiss a candidates wider skills, experience and true worth. As they scan resumes for keywords and engagement history, it creates groups of overlooked highly experienced applicants, who soon get trapped on 'the bench', and unable to find a place in the game. Here at Roar we've discovered 'benched' talent needs to be given opportunity to get back in game. Many are brilliant candidates, that have simply slipped through the net. Re-engaging these people holds massive upswing in the drive to slow the movement of the transient workforce as individuals look to stay ahead of the curve – dissuading workplace loyalty in the process, as many are hungry and keen to work. This is our conscious!

A new path

The roar approach

Through our experience in delivering project outcomes over a wide variety of environments and delivery methods, we have found that the very best consultants (team mates) are often not the ones with the best looking resumé.


If they are keen, they work hard.
If they show initiative, they are accountable.
If they are eager to learn, they are humble.


We want to work with clients who want talent that tick more than boxes.

Finance and Consulting Business

The roar engagement model

Roar Energy doesn’t focus on keywords in resumes to supply consultants. We are passionate and want to work alongside clients, by using our initiative, drive, effort and authenticity to supply people.
We align our capability model with our client’s current, future, and contingent workforce demand. Developing tailored solutions that utilise our team’s relevant skills and experience to meet the issue at hand.

We encourage consultant ‘showcases’ rather than re-writing and resupplying resumés, working with our clients to understand what really relates to the role requirement, reducing the period of time to engage. We are big on trust and respect, and hold ourselves accountable to agreed Service-Level Agreements. If we can help we will, if we can’t we will let you know.

Our focus


Demonstrating the ability to problem solve, in a range of contexts.

Comfort with ambiguity

Increasingly a critical quality that is hard to assess.

Relationship skills

The ability to operate within in a team environment and under pressure is applied.

Aligned values

Our promise is that everyone associated with the Roar Energy team share alignment to a set of values.

What we do, we do well

Roar purpose


We break the mould! Roar Energy goes beyond the role of traditional recruitment and consulting companies. Our extensive, demonstrated experience in engaging, training and developing individuals skills for project delivery has seen us create and manage some BIG consulting teams across multiple areas.

Our approach to supplying teams or individuals is always bound by:


Our model doesn’t work without it. Simple.


It is how we attract talent. It is how we work with clients. It is how we want to be treated.

Show transparency

We are open, honest and upfront about our process and capabilities.


We are a genuine collective of diverse, interesting, fun, engaging, authentic people. Ensuring knowledge is shared helps everyone.

Trusted & Professional

Partnering with Roar Energy

Our partnerships with social and commercial organisations have grown to provide pathways for people experiencing barriers entering the consulting industry.

We strive to play a leading role in building gender diversity by helping promote opportunities for women in tech and work towards building better social outcomes within the community. This provides purpose to our crew. We look after each other.

We help our clients overcome recruitment issues with:

Long term employment
Extensive experience in an industry or segment that is constrained (lack of employment opportunities)

Short term employment
Talented people who are struggling to pass the resumé test. We train, coach, mentor and deploy skills to open minded clients.

When the market stops valuing specific skills or experiences that they once held in high regard.

Roar Energy offers a short-term, contingent workforce solution. Working with our clients on the best outcome for our team members we can help extend careers within the consulting industryWe also have dedicated consulting partners, with aligned capability models, providing a seamless transition opportunity to becoming a permanent member of a client’s workforce. This solution is discussed and agreed upon a case-by-case basis, and at a Master Services Agreement level. If the fit between client and consultant is compelling, we’re happy to facilitate this transition. A long term client benefit is always seen as a preferred outcome if it can be reached – that’s what drives us.

Our industries

Building the framework for roar success

Enterprise and Government

We see and participate in the social procurement and inclusion programs that are emerging within our industry. We seek to be a flexible partner in the case of social procurement teams, looking to develop fit-for-purpose agreements.

Roar Energy is a commercial operation, this needs to be understood. We have seen the industry shift, striking a balance between delivering outcomes while investing in people and building an engaging workplace environment. We help navigate resumés, seeing through to the person behind the experience, helping you to find the right fit for your needs.

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